Royal Highlander Festival – 12 days/ 11 nights

Hiding on the rooftop of the world and behind the mighty mountains of the Himalaya, Bhutan is known as the “Last Shangri La”. The country has been a hotspot especially for trekkers, because of its pristine nature, together with the distinctive culture as a Buddhist country and many secrecies remain undiscovered. The Royal Highlander Festival […]

Nabji Korphu Trek – 12 days/ 11 nights

Trekking in Bhutan offer the whole package of pristine nature, rich culture and healthy activities. Trekkers will journey to the remote regions of the country, crossing lush forests and glacial streams. And the views are beyond charming and eye-catching. One of the aspects that makes Bhutan a trekker’s dream destination is its untouched landscape. Following […]

Bhutan The Himalayan Kingdom Tour – 8 days/ 7 nights

Bhutan – the last great Himalayan kingdom, where the traditional Buddhist culture and Himalayan heritage are embraced in the life of the warmest people. Sandwiched between India and China, the country’s nature remains untouched while the culture is carefully preserved by its people. Shrouded by mystery and magic, Bhutan offer a unique experience for its […]

Bhutan The Thunder Dragon Tour – 6 days/ 5 nights

Bhutan hides itself between the mountains of Himalayas. The strong storms which often appear on the Himalayas is the reason for the other name of the country – ‘The Land of The Thunder Dragon’. Bhutan culture is the great combination of Buddhism and the Himalayan heritage. It has a uniqueness that tourists can only experience […]

Sagala Trek – 9 days/ 8 nights

Trekking is probably the best way to discover a country, especially for a mystic destination like Bhutan. Gifted with the massive Himalayan mountain ranges, lush forests and picturesque natural scenery, Bhutan is every trekker’s dream. There are 5 national parks, 4 wildlife sanctuaries and 1 strict nature reserve covering about 51.44% of the country, which […]

Bumdra Trek-7 days/ 6 nights

Trekking in Bhutan is an unforgettable experience for travelers who relish taking a break from the fast pace of modern life and genuinely immerse in the untouched nature with lush valleys, high mountains and fresh water lakes. Bhutan is the first and only carbon-negative country until now. It has 5 national parks, 4 wildlife sanctuaries […]

Bumthang Cultural Trek – 11 days/ 10 nights

Sitting on the high mountains of the Himalaya, Bhutan has been in top ten of the global biodiversity hotspots. The country strictly protects its nature with a forest cover of over 70%, it has become home to thousands of species, some of which are rare and endangered like tigers, Himalayan black bears, and snow leopards. […]

Bhutan Adventure Tour – 10 days/ 9 nights

In a world of fast living pace, Bhutan is like a fresh breath of pristine Himalayan nature and preserved culture. Shrouded by mystery and magic, the country offers a unique experience for its visitors. The Himalayan kingdom is blessed with breathtaking landscape, from snowcapped mountains to subtropical forest and picturesque valleys, you can find it […]

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek – 10 days/ 9 nights

Sitting high up in on the eastern ridges of the Himalaya, Bhutan is the dream destination for any trekker. Trekking in Bhutan is unlike anywhere else in the Himalaya. The trekking experience can offer you the most stunning landscape with mighty mountains and crystal clear lakes. You will cross picturesque valleys and rugged high passes […]