Bhutan is absolutely one the most beautiful countries.

Ms Evelyn

I have visited many countries; Bhutan is absolutely one the most beautiful countries. It's so clean, calm and peaceful to let your guard down unconsciously.
It was also my first time to visit through an agency. I am so lucky that I chose the right one. If Bhutan is amazing, a good agency can make the trip even more wonderful.
Highly recommend Bhutan Pelyab, I am satisfied from the very beginning till the moment I left. Here are some reasons I like them:
1. Fare and transparent price.
2. Flexible schedule.
3. Professional, helpful and friendly guide & driver team.
4. Care about what you need and what you like.
5. Excellent accommodation.
6. Picnic Picnic Picnic (the highlight of the trip)
I had a great time with guide Chhimi & driver Tsheten. Thank you very much for this wonderful and unforgettable journey! If I were visiting in Bhutan again I would choose Bhutan Pelyab without a second thought.

Bhutan review Thanh

I had a wonderful time in Bhutan with Bhutan Pelyab Tours!

Mr Thanh

I spent 9 night 10 day tour in Bhutan with Bhutan Pelyab Tours. I was very happy to choose their service.
My guide Chhimi and driver Tsheten were very helpful and friendly. Chhimi was very patient and knowledgeable. Driver Tsheten was great. He drove very carefully and always keep the car clean.
I enjoyed every minute I stayed in Bhutan. Bhutan is a beautiful country and great place to relax. My highlight was riding bicycle at Phobjikha valley with Mr. Ugyen, the owner of the company.
Thank you so much Bhutan Pelyab’s team to arrange a trip of a lifetime.
I highly recommend Bhutan Pelyab Tours to anyone who are planning to travel to Bhutan.

FAQ about our Bhutan Service

Best of the best service, seriously!

Ms. Liu Qing

I quoted quite a few agents for our Bhutan trip. Eventually, we followed a colleague’s recommendation and choose Bhutan Pelyab.
They are not big company, but they do really care about customers. Throughout our trip, our guide Pema and driver Tsheten attended to every small detail to make our journey very enjoyable and comfortable.
They carried kilos of supplements to make sure we have hot drink and hot meal during our trekking.
Me and my boyfriend both travelled over 50 countries, the level of service of Bhutan Pelyab is certainly beyond our expectation, and one of the best in our experience!


Absolutely Amazing Tour of Bhutan!

Anna S

We are a family of 4 with 2 kids aged 8 & 10 have just returned from a 10 day trip to Bhutan, and we are really glad we used the services of Bhutan Pelyab Tours & Treks for our family trip. From start to finish, we had the most amazing time. Starting from the initial interactions regarding itinerary finalization till the drop off to the airport, this has entirely been a smooth and seamless process.
Our driver Richen was great. The roads in Bhutan are treacherous and he handled them with ease. Our tour guide Thinley were so patient and caring towards our needs; whether it was the treks & hikes, food preferences we had, arrange school visit, local home dining and farm house stay, wearing Goa and Kira for Tsechu festival, teaching my kids to play archery… and also being so patient with the millions of photos we took all over the place! Thinley also helped us adjust the itinerary as per our requirements accommodating any last minute requests or changes very patiently.
We would highly recommend Bhutan Pelyab Tours & Treks; very hardworking and sincere group of people who take your trips as their projects to ensure a smooth, happy and memorable Bhutan experience.

Tiger’s Nest

Highly Recommend

Jessica L

We travelled with Bhutan Pelyab for 9D8N and had a GREAT experience. Our guide Karma, and driver Nick-Ki (sorry I don’t how to spell his name) were just awesome. They are friendly, helpful, reliable and the vehicle was always clean, stocked with water and I was really impressed that every time when I returned to the car and I found that my jackets left on the seat were tidied up.
Bhutan Pelyab's choice for accommodations was spot on and the trip was organised in a professional way from start to finish. Particularly we enjoyed the days spent in the Phojikha Valley and Langtey. The scenery had definitely took our breath away!
We had an awesome time and enjoyed every minute of our trip. Thank you Guys for bringing us the fun and joy. It was the trip of a lifetime! Thank you!


Above and Beyond Excellent Service, Expertise and Hospitality


My group (4 adults, 3 kids aged 11, 10 and 8) have just returned from what can only be described as a magical 9 days with Bhutan Pelyab. After researching and communicating with several Bhutan tour agencies, I chose Pelyab based on the promptness of reply by Ugyen Wangdi (agency owner), his quick understanding of our needs, and above all his genuinely warm demeanor.
We were able to fully customize our itinerary, which was focused on day hikes and cultural activities, as well as adventurous, high-quality dining. Our accommodations, selected by Ugyen, were also excellent and generous.
Although we had set a basic framework to our itinerary in the planning process, our guide, Tenzin, and our driver, Dorji, allowed us complete freedom to select and change the activities and pace that we required, on the fly, which is essential for a group including kids. We were initially concerned about our kids' ability to do the hiking, but the trails that Tenzin chose were not only completely doable and enjoyable for our kids, but strenuous and stunning enough to satisfy the adults. Tenzin led us on some of his own favorite hikes, and his knowledge of the area was superb.
I can't stress this enough.. Tenzin, Ugyen and Dorji literally stopped at nothing to satisfy our every request. They made sure we were able to visit the most important sites, hike the most stunning trails and eat the most delicious food on offer. We never felt rushed, or "templed out", or pressured to do our buy anything.
If you are contemplating a trip to Bhutan, you would do well to select Bhutan Pelyab as your tour operator.


Adventurous Bhutan


Me and my friend decided to have an adventurous trip to Bhutan and choosing Bhutan Pelyab Tours was definately a good choice. We wanted a customize tour and Bhutan Pelyab was very accommodating with our plans.
Karma our tour guide and Tsheten our driver was really professional and went an extra length to take good care of us throughout our 7 days in Bhutan. Karma joined us throughout our hike from Tsaluna to Paro for 3days and 2 nights and Bhutan Pelyab arranged a very experienced trek team to make sure our tents, food and etc are taken care of. We only had to think about our trekking and nothing else! We were feeling pampered throughout our 3day hike.
On the last day, Mr.Ugyen arranged a suprised dinner at a farm house and even gave us a a gift as a token of appreciation.
I would highly recommend Bhutan Pelyab Tours for anyone who is seeking a memorable adventurous tour.


Introduction to the Titles of Bhutan

Bhutan, a small country in South Asia as it maybe but the names with which it is known to different groups of people will suggest otherwise, such as The Last Sharing La- for it is a heaven on earth where people follow the teachings of Buddha to the core and live in harmony with all sentient beings, The Land of the Thunder Dragon-for the dragon’s roar like storms that often strike the Himalayas, The Land of Happiness- for the emphasis the Government of Bhutan places on the gross national happiness over gross domestic product, The Land of Great Monarchs- for all the legendary kings it has been blessed with who always put their duty to the people before everything else, and The Land of The Kindest People- for the kind-natured people of Bhutan which is the result of practicing Compassion in their everyday lives as part of practicing Buddhism. Hence, one may try and contemplate which title best describes Bhutan, but in all fairness, these titles merely make up the tip of the iceberg and there is in fact more interesting facts to Bhutan than any other country in the world, making it the ultimate destination for anyone or everyone to visit, at least once in their lives.

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Amazing facts about Bhutan

While the aforementioned titles alone reflect the grandeur of Bhutan and are enough to get anyone interested in visiting it; let us look take a look at some of its interesting facts that will truly give you an in-depth insight into its magnificence before looking at some of the once in a lifetime tour packages we have in store for you at Bhutan Pelyab Tours.

A Sovereign Kingdom

With a population of less than a million people and a mere total area of 38,394 km2, Bhutan is a landlocked country nestled in the Himalayas between the two biggest nations in the world- India in the south, south-west, and eastern region; the People’s Republic of China in the north and north-western region. But contradictory to its location, and the size of its population and total area, Bhutan has never been colonized and has maintained its sovereignty since the beginning of time.

The birthplace of GNH (Gross National Happiness)

Contrary to being not only one of the smallest but perhaps one of the underdeveloped countries in the world with a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of less than 2 billion dollars a year, Bhutan is the only country that follows a holistic approach towards development called GNH, meaning happiness and wellbeing of the people over GDP. Thus, everything starting from schooling and health care is free.

Environment-oriented development

Irrespective of its small economy, Bhutan is the only country in the world that does not choose development at the cost of environmental degradation. Along these lines, 60% of its land is to remain under forest cover as stated under Article 5, Section 3 of the constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan. Even to this day, Bhutan maintains a pristine forest cover of 72%.

The only carbon-neutral country

While the rest of the world is faced with climatic change such as global-warming; Bhutan with its environment-friendly approach towards development has earned a spot in one of the global biodiversity hotspots. That way, Bhutan has acclaimed one more title contrary to the aforementioned titles i.e. the only carbon-neutral country in the world.

The only carbon negative country in the world

With 72% of forest cover still intact as previously stated, Bhutan alone absorbs over 6 million tons of carbon per year. Yet it only produces 2.2 million tons of Carbon dioxide a year, making it carbon-negative. The only country in the world able to make that claim.

Strong Emphasis on cultural preservation

In addition to all the efforts Bhutan puts into preserving its invaluable and pristine nature, Bhutan also puts a strong emphasis on the preservation of its unique culture. Bhutan truly believes that conservation of its culture is not only vital for maintaining its identity but it is equally important for the longevity of its sovereignty. Along these lines, one will be surprised to know that in a world threatened by globalization traditional arts like the art of weaving textiles, the art of weaving bamboo products, the art of woodturning, and traditional way of painting.

Dzongs of Bhutan

Locally known as a Dzong, dzongs are basically structures that in the olden days served as a fortress and any outsider visiting Bhutan is bound to be stunned at the sight of these mega-structures. The reason for this is because every province in Bhutan will have at least one of these amazing dzongs which is not only a display of all the aforementioned crafts but contradictory to the other fortresses spread across the world, they are still in use as homes to certain administrative offices and accommodation for the monk bodies. Also, they house artifacts that are priceless to the people of Bhutan since they hold religious, historical and cultural significance; meaning a better understanding of everything that there is to know about Bhutan with the more dzongs you visit (not to mention the variation in their sizes and architecture).

Home to some of the rarest animal on the planet

As part of its promise to the world to stay carbon neutral by means of maintaining 60% of its forest cover, Bhutan holds protected areas in the form of national parks, nature reserves and wildlife sanctuary which make up half its total area. While this initiative is a beauty in itself; what makes it even more beautiful are the animals living in these protected areas. Bhutan is home to some of the endangered animals that have gone extinct in other parts of the world, such as the Asian Elephant, Tigers, Red Pandas, Himalayan Black Bears, Black Necked Cranes, Himalayan Musk Deer, Asiatic Black Bears, Sloth Bears, Leopards and Gray Wolves.

Buddhist Temples and Monasteries

Buddhism as the state religion, Buddhist Temples spread across Bhutan are countless in number. While every temple is considered sacred and has a story to tell on which they were founded; there are some which are a must-visit for both locals and tourists alike. For instance, Gangtey Monastery in Phobjikha Valley is the only monastery of Nyingpa Sect (the oldest of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism) and Jambay Lhakhang in Bumthang province which dates back as far as the 7th century and is considered the oldest of all the temples in Bhutan.

Tourism in Bhutan

Tourism is a vibrant source of revenue for any country, and especially for a small country like Bhutan; it will do much to help its small economy. But contrary to this, the Government of Bhutan follows a tourism policy called “High Value, Low Impact”, meaning one cannot travel independently in Bhutan unlike in most other countries and can only travel with a tour package that is preplanned, prepaid and guided- this is to protect its well-preserved nature and culture from the negative impacts of mass tourism. Hence, the first step for any tourist planning to visit Bhutan is to select one of the many local tour operators which are registered under the TCB (Tourism Council of Bhutan) and then get yourself a suitable tour package prior to even entering the kingdom.

Benefits of Buying Tour Packages to Bhutan

While having to buy tour packages to Bhutan prior to even traveling might come as a surprise to many; there are advantages to this mandate nonetheless. Here are some examples of those benefits:

Evading extra surcharges

As per the MDP (Minimum Daily Package) set by TCB which is basically the minimum price of all tours, guests who are traveling in groups of 3 or more are required to pay USD $200 per person per night during off-peak season (January, February, June, July, August, and December) and USD $250 per person per night during peak season (March, April, May, September, October, and November). The MDP is inclusive of meals, accommodations, on-ground transportation, tour guide, and also taxes. On the other hand, for guests traveling in pairs or solo, a surcharge of USD $30 and USD $40 per person per night are imposed. Therefore, having to pre-purchase your tour packages gives you the option to ask your respected tour-operators for their assistance in looking for bigger groups to travel with. That way, you can evade the surcharges if you are traveling on a budget.

Planning processes simplified

As a Himalayan Country, the geographic features of Bhutan consist of high and steep mountains which intersect with one another to form deep valleys and have swift rivers running along them. The altitude of the foothills can vary from 200 meters above sea-level down south to 7000 meters above sea level up north. With such precipitous terrain, one can never predict the weather conditions and travelling distances if one had to plan the trips on your own. Along these lines, the second benefit of having to purchase your tour packages in advance are the useful advice and suggestions that you will be receiving from your respective tour operators, making your planning processes relatively easier.

Well-planned trips

Along with the expenses for their desired tour packages, nationals from countries other than India, Bangladesh and Maldives are expected to apply for and pay a sum of USD $40 for their visa clearance letter. Thus, the next benefit of buying tour-packages to Bhutan is the assurance of well-planned trips because from the time of application to the time you touch down, not only will all the formalities be completed but your respective tour operators would have had all the time in the world to tailor your trips to your liking.

Avoiding faulty tour operators

One of the benefits of buying tour packages to Bhutan is the chance one gets to eradicate any possibilities of being conned by faulty tour operators. With TCB not willing to entertain any cases related to unconsented understandings made with unregistered tour operators, the guest is automatically compelled to not be careless and check the authenticity of tour operators of their choice before getting onto anything else.

Bhutan Tour packages

In a world where almost all the other countries are giving into the degradation of their nature reserves, culture and spiritual beliefs for the sake of development; Bhutan remains unaffected and is perhaps the only country in the world that comes close to being the living Eden on earth. Hence, the only thing left to do is to get yourself a suitable tour package, so that you can be on the next flight to this paradise. And because we know that the process of choosing a tour package is never easy, let alone a tour operator; Bhutan Pelyab Tours would like to extend our assistance in guiding you through this wonderful journey and take you through the following tour packages for your convenience.

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