With our variety of Bhutan trekking packages, you will find something suitable for you to discover this beautiful country in unique ways. In case you want to do a short trek to reach. Bumdra trek would be ideal for you. The trip takes only 1 night and 2days, but you will still see some of the most prominent landmarks in Bhutan.

This Bhutan trek is named after the Bumdra monastery. The 8th-century temple was blessed by Guru Rinpoche, the one who brought Tantric Buddhism to the Himalayas. In Dzongkha, Bumdra means ‘Rock of One Hundred Thousand Foot Prints’. The legend said that a hundred thousand Dakinis (angels) had descended down on a cave here and left their footprints on the rocks 800 years ago. Many monks come to this peaceful monastery to engage in meditation. Asides from the Bumdra monastery, this route also takes you to the Taktshang monastery, the temples are 3,800m and 3,100m above the sea level, respectively.

The experience of Bhutan trekking is unlike any other place in the Himalayas. You will likely to have the whole route to yourself, breathing in the crystal clear air and looking out to the stunning views of the mountains and forests. Throughout your Bhutan trekking holiday, you will be accompanied with a trained guide, a cook, an assistant, at least one horseman, and you will rest in tented campsites.

This 2-day-1-night Bhutan trekking package requires a medium level of fitness due to some difficult areas, but your luggage (except for your personal backpack) will be carried by yaks and horses. Moreover, upon one’s request, you may have a luxurious set-up of bed, or simply snuggle in your sleeping bag, both of them can give you a unique experience of Bhutan trekking.

Day 01: Sang Choekor Buddhist college to Bumdra monastery

In the morning of the first day, you will take a ride up to the Sang Choekor Buddhist college (at 2,800m) and start the journey from here. Walking up to the ridge, you then reach an open space with many prayer flags. These prayer flags are a common sight, which you will often come across on any Bhutan trek. The location offers a great view of the Paro valley and Do Chhu valley.

Chhoe Chhoe Tse temple, which nestles against the mountains, is the next destination after 1 to 2 hours of trekking. After the temple, the trail goes up gradually, with the last part is steeper. Yet, the view of the Himalayas is totally rewarding. To the south it is the landscape of Paro and you also take in the view northwards to the snowcapped Himalayan mountains.

Climbing a further 20 minutes and passing fluttering prayer flags, you will descend through an old forest and reach a lovely meadow with sacred chortens and prayer flags along the trail. The camping site is located near the first temple of the trip – the Bumdra monastery. You can visit the temple after lunch, watching as the monks perform puja and receiving blessings from them. If you are keen to have a more beautiful view from the top, climb to the peak north of the camping site. By the time you come back, dinner would be ready – a small reward after the first day of your Bhutan trekking holiday.

Day 2: Bumdra monastery to Taktsang Monastery

Start the second day of the Bhutan trekking tour with a hearty breakfast, you may take some time to enjoy the stunning scenes and the clear air and add a prayer flag at the location, or get on the track right away. You will descend into the valley, heading through the ancient pine and rhododendron forest, following the monk’s zig-zagging trail.

A glimpse of the temples’ golden roofs will appear in front of you after 1 to 2 hours of trekking. You will continue to walk along the path before stopping at the gardens of Zangto Pelri (Heaven on Earth). Peer over the edge to see the ornate rooftops of the Taktsang monastery perching against the cliff far below if you are brave enough.

Another hour of trekking from the enormous monastery, passing a waterfall, up some steps and you will reach the Tiger’s Nest. This renowned landmark is also the last destination of this Bhutan trekking tour. It takes about 45 minutes to descent towards the Paro valley floor to get back to your vehicle. Our driver will get you to the overnight accommodation by road.

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