When you are travelling and far away from home, postcard is the best gift to send to your family and friends. Bhutan is also known as the Land of Beautiful Stamps. Images of Bhutanese unique landscape, nature, human and animals can be found on these stamps. They reflect the history and culture of the whole country. Some of them are made from steel, silk and sometimes vinyl!

However, things get even better when you can create your personalized stamp. Just with a few simple steps, you can print your image on a stamp to send back home. This would be a pleasant surprise for everyone when they receive the postcard and see your face on the stamp.

If you wish to, you can do your own stamp at the Bhutan National Post Office in Thimphu. This costs only about USD4 for 12 stamps, including the stamp’s value. It is possible to have your photo taken at the post office with the friendly staff, or bring your own photos in a thumb drive, so you will have the nicest pictures on the stamps. And in less than 10 minutes, these exclusive stamps will be printed out and ready to be sent. The printing quality is excellent, as you can see from the photo above.

In general, besides the beautiful artifacts, Bhutanese stamp is a popular gift to send home. And the experience of making your own stamp is a totally different and way to keep the best moments of your life in Bhutan in a stamp.

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