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Why travelers are required to get their tour packages before coming to Bhutan

Anyone who knows anything about Bhutan knows for a fact that unlike in most other countries, independent travelling is not permitted and that the first step towards planning your trip to Bhutan is to buy your tour package through one of the local tour operators which is registered under the TCB (Tourism Council of Bhutan), such as Bhutan Pelyab Tours. This mandate comes as a huge surprise to a lot of the first time travelers and we genuinely understand your reasons for your astonishment. Thus, for the convenience and better understanding of our future clients, our company has decided to spare this blog-post in efforts to try and break down why travelers are required to get their tour packages prior to even entering the kingdom.

Tourism Policy in Bhutan

To begin with, let us take a look at the tourism policy of Bhutan which is probably the main reason why this mandate is at play. As we all know, the unique cultural heritage and the richest of the rich natural environment of Bhutan are its key attractions. Hence, in order to protect them from the negative influences of mass tourism; the Bhutan Government follows a tourism policy of “High Value, Low Impact”. It is due to keeping up with the core of this policy that makes it mandatory for the guests to buy their tour packages in advance because that automatically filters the standard of the guests entering the country without any unpleasant circumstances.

What is Minimum Daily Package?

Moving onto the next point, we will talk about the surcharge our guests might have to bear alongside the MDP (Minimum Daily Package). As per the MDP set by TCB, guests who are travelling in groups of 3 or more are required to pay USD $200 per person per night during off peak season (January, February, June, July, August, and December) and USD $250 per person per night during peak season (March, April, May, September, October, and November) which generally covers everything from food and lodging to on ground transportation, tour-guide, sight-seeing, entry fees for monuments, and also taxes. However, for guests travelling in pairs or solo, a surcharge of USD $30 and USD $40 per person per night are imposed.

How this ensures memorable experiences

Up next, we will discuss on tailoring your trip to your taste. As a country based in the Himalayas, the terrains in Bhutan are very precipitous which adds to the remoteness of each tourist destinations you may want to visit. Bearing this in mind, the mandate for the guests to apply for their tour package ahead of travelling was put into place so that it will basically serve as an essential opportunity for tour operators like ourselves to draw up a suitable travelling plan for you depending on your interest, budget, and the length of stay. Remember, we would really like you to have a trip that is your memorable first but certainly not the last.

Finally, avoiding unpleasant experiences with faulty tour operators. With so many tour operators to choose from some of which maybe be unregistered, TCB does not take responsibility for any losses incurred. Perhaps, this was one of the guiding factors as to why Government of Bhutan made it mandatory for guests to buy their tour package prior to anything else because they can take the time to authenticate the tour operators they are interested in through TCB in order to avoid any unpleasant scenarios.

To avoid any issues make sure to contact Bhutan Pelyab Tours today for the best advice on the trip of a lifetime.

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