“Pelyab” or the “Endless Knot” is one of the eight auspicious signs in Buddhism. It is an intricate design of intertwined lines in right angles that form a lattice pattern. The lines have no beginning and no end. The “Endless Knot”, among many things, symbolises interconnectedness and continuity. This interpretation is our inspiration and guiding philosophy and the reason why we are known as Bhutan “Pelyab” Tours & Treks

We aspire to serve our valued guests in a way that reveals how we are connected with the world we live in, an integral Bhutanese value system drawn from Buddhist teachings. As a licensed and qualified tour operator, Bhutan Pelyab Tours & Treks understands that professional and personalised service is the skilful means to achieve our aspirations. Whether it is cultural tours, treks to the base of virgin mountain peaks or tailored made packages to connect with Bhutan’s ancient myths and rugged mountain landscape, at Pelyab we do it with the warmth and sincerity of traditional Bhutanese hospitality.

Come with us on a lifetime’s journey that is one of interconnectedness and continuity!

Ugyen Wangdi

General Manager of Bhutan Pelyab Tours And Treks

Tashi Delek!