Hiding on the rooftop of the world and behind the mountains of Himalaya, Bhutan is a gem that still has many mysteries within itself to tourists. The country is called ‘Druk Yul’ (The Land of the Thunder Dragon). And the Bhutanese live and protect nature as their home. Buddhism plays an important role in the culture of the country. Bhutan is The Last Shangri-la, the mystic, magic and charming kingdom. And Bhutan Pelyab Tour offers you the opportunity to discover the magnificence of Bhutan!

Bhutan Pelyab Tours and Treks was started by Ugyen Wangdi. The name ‘Pelyab’ is taken after the name of a village in central Bhutan, where our founder comes from.

We are professionals in operating tailor-made tours, aiming to provide customers with a unique and authentic experience in Bhutan. High quality and customer experience are our aspirations. At Bhutan Pelyab Tours, we have a diversity of tour packages, from cultural, festival to trekking tours, you name it. However, a “one size fits all” has never been our approach. Our team is happy to arrange customized trips and make suitable changes to meet your expectations. Please feel free to discuss your plans with us, so we can make your time in Bhutan unforgettable.

Our team consists of members who are dedicated and experienced with years of working in the tourism industry. Bhutan Pelyab Tours guides and drivers are trained and licensed by the Bhutan Government. We work with local staff, who are knowledgeable about the culture and history; they are the best source of information for you about Bhutan. During the journey, stories and myths of the Bhutanese will be shared with you so that you can have a deeper understanding of their daily life. Go on a trip to Bhutan and witness the beauty and the majestic of our nature and human-like no other places!

Bhutan Pelyab Tours is proud to be one of the best Bhutan tour operators in our country, with high-standard service and skilled team members. From the planning steps to travelling in Bhutan, we will ensure that your trip is filled with laugh and excitement. It is our mission and pleasure to make our customers feel most welcomed and have a wonderful time on their holidays, and come to love our country just like we do.

“Bhutan is known as ‘The Land of Happiness”

And we believe you will experience true happiness while travelling with us!

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