Nestling on the Himalayan mountain range, Bhutan is a stunning kingdom with a mystery atmosphere for visitors to explore. Described as The Last Shangri La, the spectacular nature and wonderful people here will make your trip to Bhutan unforgettable. And at Bhutan Pelyab Tours and Treks, we offer the best Bhutan tourism packages that one can find for their holiday.

We have had years of experience working in the Bhutan tourism industry and we aim to deliver only the highest quality service to our customers. At Bhutan Pelyab Tours, we care deeply for your satisfaction while travelling with us. Our team aim to provides customers with a variety of Bhutan tour packages, depending on one’s interest: culture; festival; special; trekking; marriage; honeymoon; MICE; spiritual and wellness tours. Each tour is carefully designed for the unique and authentic experience of customers. However, if you have specific interests in certain destinations or activities, please let us know. We are happy to customize and make suitable adaptations to meet your expectations.

Out of all our best Bhutan tourism packages, the cultural ones are the most favourite of customers. Our culture tours have different durations for your specific requirements of time and destinations. The time duration of a trip may range from 5 days up to one month for this type of tour. During these tour itineraries, we focus on visits to Bhutan’s monasteries, old temples, museums, fortresses (Dzongs). These destinations are very important in the Bhutanese life since Buddhism is the national religion and it affects every aspect of the society here. Also, there will be some hikes to valleys and villages, and you can go into some markets to meet the local and to try some Bhutanese food. Be careful as some of the local dish can be extremely spicy.

Some of the incredible sites that our Bhutan travel packages will take you to are the “Tiger’s Nest” (Taktsang Monastery) – one of the most holy places in Bhutan; The National Museum of Bhutan (Ta Dzong) – historical objects like antique thangkha paintings, textiles, weapons and armour are placed here; Buddha Point – the largest Buddha statue in Bhutan; Tashichho Dzong (or Thimphu Dzong) – called “Fortress of The Glorious Religion” and Punakha Dzong – named “Palace of Great Happiness”. By visiting these places, you can indulge yourself in the rich culture of the Bhutanese more genuinely.

While we concentrate on giving customers an insight into the Bhutanese culture with trips to religious and historic sites, you will no doubt be awed by the stunning scenes of Bhutan’s nature. The country’s wildlife is one of the most well preserved in the world with many rare and endangered species choose this land as their home. Some animals like Takin, the blue sheep or the Darjeeling Woodpecker cannot or are rarely seen in other areas of the world. The hikes that we arrange in these Bhutan tour packages will give you the chance to admire the astounding beauty of the high mountains and the deep valleys as we travel through western, central and eastern regions of Bhutan.

Every year, Bhutan festivals (Tshechu) attract many tourists to the country. So if you are interested in participating in Tshechus, our Bhutan holiday packages also have it all for you to discover. However, please bear in mind that these tours will only be available during certain time of the year, but they are incredible opportunities for customers to visit nonetheless.  The most celebrated Tshechus in Bhutan are Thimphu festival, Paro festival, Punakha festival, Jambay Lhakhang Drup festival and Jakar festival. Tshechus are the grand ceremonies held on the tenth day of a month (lunar calendar) to honour Guru Rinpoche, who brought Tantric Buddhism to the Himalayas. The main performances of Tshechus are the masked dances of monks, who will be wearing colourful brocade attire and reading Buddhist scripts. Each dance has its own meaning and story behind, and many tales are based on the stories from the 8th century. Bhutanese attend these religious events to join in for fun and to receive blessings. The performances and atmosphere of Tshechus are so unique that you will not be able to forget this experience in Bhutan.

Bhutan mountains are known as the great destination for trekkers, and our team provides a number of Bhutan tour packages for trekkers to make your experience even more special. These tour itineraries range from easy (for starters) to difficult (for professional trekkers) levels to match your ability. One of the most popular treks is the Druk Path Trek from Paro to Thimphu, which is fairly easy and takes short time to travel. You will travel through forests of fir, blue pine and dwarf rhododendrons, and come to the magnificent view of Mountain Gangkar Puensum - the world’s highest unscaled peak. Among treks for professionals such as Jomolakari trek, Laya Gasa trek, Dagala Thousand lakes trek and Snowman trek, the Snowman trek is the toughest one. This Bhutan travel package pushes trekkers to their limits, having to camp in altitudes above 5,000m, and continuing the journey for 30 days to finish it. The best time for trekking in Bhutan is in spring (March – May) and in autumn (September – November). Winter is also a good time for treks in lower altitudes, especially for the Nabji Korphu trek. This tour offers people the occasion to get to know the rural life by spending nights in Nabji, Korphu and Nyimshong villages.

Asides from trekking, adventure tours are also popular with visitors. Hiking, mountain climbing/ motorcycling, rafting and kayaking in Bhutan are a sport lover’s dream. These trips let you soak in and interact with the pristine nature of the country. You can go through high valleys, low plains or small towns, rural areas and old temples. The breathtaking views will accompany you along the whole trip, turning the experience into an unforgettable one.

Bhutan is blessed with beautiful landscape and the diverse flora and fauna due to the different altitudes of the land. Our Bhutan holiday packages will lead you to Bhutan’s national parks and sanctuary to witness nature at its best. In each sanctuary there can be hundreds or even thousands of species that can only be found here. These nature tours emphasize on bird watching and seeing the richness of Bhutan flora and fauna. Grey headed woodpecker, common hoopoe, rufous vented tit, red pandas, tigers, snow leopards can be found in these sanctuaries of Bhutan. Spring is the time when the wildlife is the most radiant, making the scene charming than ever.

If you want to capture the wonders of Bhutan, a photography tour is suitable for you. This trip allows the customers to get the best photos of the daily life in Bhutan, the exquisite temples and monasteries and the enormous mountains. You can interact with the locals and learn about the Bhutanese culture during the journey at the same time.

Marriage and honeymoon tours are provided in our Bhutan holiday packages. With its amazing landscape and people, Bhutan is ideal for couples to make their marriage and honeymoon holiday once-in-a-lifetime experience. Depending on your requirements, the ceremony can be a simple with few guests or an intricate one at the top high-end hotels and resorts. If it is a marriage tour, the ceremony can be done in a traditional Buddhist style upon the couple’s request.

We also arrange MICE tours for groups. Our team members will organize places for meetings and conferences if you request. A range of other activities like sightseeing and nature walks for visitors during their time in Bhutan can be planned so they can enjoy it the most.

Spiritual and wellness tours are a bit different from other Bhutan holiday packages, allowing customers to relax and retreat from the stress of everyday life. Bhutan has a number of luxurious spas waiting for you. You can take enjoy a contemplative meditation, a relaxing soak in a mineral hot spring bath or the natural remedies of traditional Bhutan medicine (Sowa Rigpa). Hot spring therapy is known to cure body aches, arthritis and other ailments. What makes the therapy awesome is that it can be found in many places in the kingdom. A meditation of retreat session could take place in the high hills and temples with nothing but silence lingers in the atmosphere. Savoring the undisturbed time here and you will be ready to bounce back into the busy life again!

Bhutan has it all for you to look forwards to, whether it is a culture tour, a trekking one or a meditation and retreat trip from the stressful life, you can always find a purpose for your journey in Bhutan. And the best Bhutan tourism packages are offered and customized at Bhutan Pelyab Tours!

Travel with Bhutan Pelyab Tours and Treks and you will see why we are one of the best Bhutan travel agencies in the country!


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