Seeing is believing.

Because of its one of a kind culture which the people still proudly follow to this day and also because of its well preserved flora and fauna which without a doubt can be ranked number one in the world: “Seeing is believing.” is the only expression one could think off in order to best describe the tours in Bhutan. Nevertheless, the mandate the Royal Government of Bhutan places on tourist to choose their tour package prior to even entering the kingdom might stand in your way in terms of choosing which tours might be best suited for you. Hence, Bhutan Pelyab Tours would like to spare this blog post in the effort to bring to you the top 5 tours to Bhutan.

Glimpse of Bhutan Tour

If you are travelling on a budget and yet, want to embark on your journey to Bhutan by taking a short trip; this is the tour you need sign up for. Although, it is just a 5 days/4 nights tour; it covers all the attractions which most tourists come looking for such as Thimphu- the capital city of Bhutan, Punakha- the old capital and Paro- the place where Taktsang monastery is based in which is undoubtedly one of the highly visited destinations in Bhutan by locals and tourists alike. This trip, though short in length, will pretty much ensure that you get a good understanding of why tours in Bhutan are considered one of the most exclusive ones in the world.

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The Last Shangri La Tour

With an addition of another two days to the previous tour, The Last Shangri La Tour is no doubt the next in line on this list. Along with all the attractions enlisted on the previous tour, this 7 days/6nights tour also provides you with the opportunity to visit Phobjikha Valley in Wangdue Phodrang District. Now if you are wondering what is so special about this particular Valley; then here is to why- Phobjikha valley is not only the home to Gangtey monastery which is the only monastery of Nyingmapa Sect (the oldest of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism) but it is also the winter home to Black-necked Cranes- a one of kind bird at the verge of extinction. Hence, if you opt for The Last Shangri La Tour in the months of late-October, November, December, January, mid-February or even beginning of March; you are bound to be faced with the once in a life time opportunity to see these exquisite birds in action. Otherwise, there is a center in this region dedicated specifically for these birds which remains opened all year round, in case you choose to travel in other months.

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Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

What better way to explore a Himalayan country other than hiking or trekking. This is the whole concept of the Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek tour. This 10 days/9 nights tour offers you the unique opportunity to satisfy your hiking and trekking needs with trails that are almost virgin like which is every hiker or trekkers’ dream. Also, some of the main highlights of this tour are the sights of Mount Everest which stands 8850m tall and Jomolahari peak which stands 7314m tall that you will get to witness along the trails. Thus, for both nature lovers and hiking or trekking enthusiasts alike, this tour is no doubt the perfect tour to envelop yourself with pristine of the most pristine flora and fauna in the world as Bhutan is considered the first and only carbon-negative country.

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Central Bhutan Tour

This 15 days/14 nights tour in particular is perhaps one of the longest tour we have in store for our guests. But the beauty of this tour does not lie in its extension, and rather lies in the fact that it shifts your attention from the commonly visited destinations in the west to more remote attractions in the heart of Bhutan- Central Bhutan. Along with 8 other places of interest, this tour also covers Bumthang- a province in Bhutan that is considered the most historic due to the countless number of ancient temples and sacred sites. Some of the highlights of this tour are Trongsa dzong (fortress) which is considered the largest one of all in the country, Jambay Lhakhang (temple) which was built in the 7th century and is considered one of the oldest, Kurjey Lhakhang which holds the body print of Guru Rinpoche who we consider the second Buddha, Mebertsho which in English translates to burning lake from where most of hidden relics and artifacts concerning Guru Rinpoche was discovered, and the sacred Mangde River which is a rewarding sight in itself. Take this tour and get a better insight into the life, history and culture of this mystical Himalayan kingdom, not to mention the diversity of its nature- be it in terms of rare plants or never before seen animals.

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Customized Tour

There is no better way to exploring a country than to have things tailored to your taste and convenience. This is something we truly understand here at Bhutan Pelyab Tours and thus, have in store, Customized Tours. That way, we can have a tour personalized just for you or your group if a request for one shall be made.

Bottom Line

While this list is aimed to give you an overview of what tours might be to your liking; it is still a tip off the ice nonetheless. Therefore, if you do not want to miss out on more interesting facts on these tours and other tours that could be of more interest to you; please visit Bhutan Pelyab Tours at or you can simply contact us on Telegram, WhatsApp with +975-1795 2136.

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