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"Bhutan is lovely and amazing.

We are very impressed and blessed with the professional service and hospitality of Ugyen Wangdi to help us with the details, reminders and options to ensure our trip an enjoyable one. And we enjoyed our stay much more than we had expected.

The 7-day trip in Bhutan with our local guide Sonam Tenzin and driver Dorjila left us with a lot of unique and lovely experience of the happiness, serenity, and beauty of Bhutan. We can see their kind hearts. We treasured so much their accompany, sincerity and showing us the best of Bhutan!

We loved the drive and hike to many fantastic sceneries. And our experience of hike to the Tiger’s Nest is unique, with tears of joy, master’s blessing, and also a rainbow. Also, dinning and hot stone bath in a traditional farmhouse was very relaxing and fun.

Though we are now far away, the feeling of blessings of Bhutan is even stronger; the prayers, purity, smiles and loveliness of Bhutan bless us.

Our dream with Bhutan will continue. We will miss you all, and wish our second trip to Bhutan with you.

Bye, see you all again soon!"

MR KU, HONG KONG, November, 2019
Carol and Steve, Idaho USA
"Our dream to visit Bhutan was an old one. We wanted to hike in the high mountains and get to know ordinary Bhutanese people. But, for us as Buddhist meditators, it was also a pilgrimage. Ugyen Wangdi, the owner of Bhutan Pelyab Tours, considered all our desires and designed a beautiful custom tour that met those requests so well that we could not refuse, even though it was a longer trip than we had planned. Ugyen was amazingly responsive during all our communications and planning.  He arranged all the details, including visas, flights and connections.  It was the most hassle free travel either of us has ever experienced.

We are in our 70s. We hiked and trained at altitude before the trip which proved to be a very good idea. Our first trek, the Dagala trek was mostly above treeline, among yak herders, their yaks and sturdy stone cabins. We spent 3 days at 14,000 feet or more.  (We took 125 mg. Diamox 2x daily during this first trek).  The accommodations on the treks are very luxurious, especially for backpackers like us who are used to traveling light.  We had a nice bedroom tent and a heated dining tent!  The staff was exceptional, and the food was delicious.  Our second trek, the Nabji Korphu trek, was in the lower country in broadleaf forest.  There we saw more bird life, Langur monkeys, Macaques, Hornbills, and a fleeting glimpse of a Himalyan Black Bear’s butt, a rare occurrence, and only thanks to the sharp eyes of our local guide.  We had exceptionally good weather and got nice views of the Himalayas which isn’t always the case.  Between the treks we did the usual sightseeing, dayhiking in the countryside, and visiting many temples and Dzongs with our wonderful guide Sonam and driver Tsheten.  Being familiar with drivers in India we had trepidations about the driving on the winding roads in Bhutan, but we needn’t have worried.  The Bhutanese are sane!  And Tsheten was a perfect driver as well as a splendid person.

The staff themselves were absolutely delightful and satisfied our desires to get acquainted with Bhutanese people. They became like family to us. Sonam, Tsheten were our companions throughout the trip.  Our cooks on the treks, Tukden and Sherab were delightful, as well as talented cooks.  The cook’s helper Lobsang was our companion for all our hiking and our constant attendant. Ugyen made surprise appearances along the way to arrange special events for us with local families and their neighbors. By the time our vacation was up we felt that we had made wonderful friends.  It was hard to say goodbye.

Our Buddhist interests were well satisfied by the many temples and holy sites including Drukpa Kunley’s temple and Paro Taktsang.  All in all we had a very memorable time and can’t say enough about Bhutan Pelyab Tours.  They seem to be the best in the business."

Carol and Steve, Idaho USA, November, 2019
Ms. Evelyn
"I have visited many countries; Bhutan is absolutely one the most beautiful countries. It’s so clean, calm and peaceful to let your guard down unconsciously.

It was also my first time to visit through an agency. I am so lucky that I chose a right one. If Bhutan is amazing, a good agency can make the trip even more wonderful. Highly recommend Bhutan Pelyab, I am satisfied from the very beginning till the moment I left. Here are some reasons I like them:

  1. Fare and transparent price.
  2. Flexible schedule.
  3. Professional, helpful and friendly guide & driver team.
  4. Care about what you need and what you like.
  5. Excellent accommodation.
  6. Picnic Picnic Picnic (the highlight of trip)

I had a great time with guide Chhimi & driver Tsheten. Thank you very much for this wonderful and unforgettable journey! If I were visiting in Bhutan again I would choose Bhutan Pelyab without second thought."

Ms. Evelyn, September, 2019
Mr. Thanh (Vietnam)
"I had a wonderful time in Bhutan with Bhutan Pelyab Tours!

I spent 9 night 10 day tour in Bhutan with Bhutan Pelyab Tours. I was very happy to choose their service.

My guide Chhimi and driver Tsheten were very helpful and friendly. Chhimi was very patient and knowledgeable. Driver Tsheten was great. He drove very carefully and always keep the car clean.

I enjoyed every minute I stayed in Bhutan. Bhutan is a beautiful country and great place to relax. My highlight was riding bicycle at Phobjikha valley with Mr. Ugyen, the owner of company.

Thank you so much Bhutan Pelyab’s team to arrange a trip of lifetime.

I highly recommend Bhutan Pelyab Tours to anyone who are planning to travel to Bhutan."

Mr. Thanh (Vietnam), April, 2019
Ms. Liu Qing (England)
"Best of the best service, seriously!

I quoted quite a few agents for our Bhutan trip. Eventually we followed a colleague’s recommendation and choose Bhutan Pelyab.

They are not big company, but they do really care about customers. Throughout our trip, our guide Pema and driver Tsheten attended to every small detail to make our journey very enjoyable and comfortable.

They carried kilos of supplements to make sure we have hot drink and hot meal during our trekking.

Me and my boyfriend both travelled over 50 countries, the level of service of Bhutan Pelyab is certainly beyond our expectation, and one of the best in our experience!"

Ms. Liu Qing (England), April, 2019
Ms. Siu Wai (Hong Kong)
"Last day in Bhutan! Finished by a surprising mountain bike tour offering by this travel company with its boss! 9 days 8 nights, everything is awesome! Sonam and Gembo, the best tour guide and driver I have ever met! They treat us as guests and also friends, by their true hearts! So as the boss, an extra free experience on hot stone bath and mountain bike, what they want is only a Happiness experience for us in Bhutan! What a great trip! Million thanks for providing an unforgettable experience trip! I will gonna miss this place and miss you all!"
Ms. Siu Wai (Hong Kong), September, 2018
Ms. Lam Chit (Hong Kong)
"9 day 8 night trip in late September. It’s great. We have Sonam (guide)and Gembo(driver) together in our trip. They are great partners. They are kind and energetic, and had fun with us always.

We knew a lot about Bhutan. And we had great fun here. Go hiking, visiting forts & temples, doing hot stone bath, cycling, visiting school, joining festival, dressing traditional costume, etc. Thanks so much for providing the excellent services and arrangements. We are appreciated. This trip is memorable.

Happiness is a place. Bhutan ^^"

Ms. Lam Chit (Hong Kong), September, 2018
Mrs. Jaspreet (India)
"Excellent, Highly recommend and First class service. Very authentic experience. We enjoyed every bit of it. Sonam and Rinchin were awesome. Cultural Bhutanese program and dinner was wonderful. They took extra step to make our holiday totally awe-inspiring. I fell in love with Bhutan and will retire here."
Mrs. Jaspreet (India), August, 2018
Ms. Serena (Australia)
"Excellent service! We had 5 day/4 night customized trip, all was pretty much as communicated, the trips, food, farm house, every single hotels we stayed turned out to be even better than what I expected! Mr. Wangdi even planned an unexpected surprise for us!! We’ve been treated like VIP! Big thumbs up!"
Ms. Serena (Australia), May, 2018
Mr. Ruffi (Belgium)
"Thank you very much for one of the most wonderful holidays."
Mr. Ruffi (Belgium), March, 2018
Ms. Angela (Hong Kong)
"Me and my boyfriend had an amazing opportunity to visit Bhutan for a 5 day culture tour and wanted to give my highest recommendation for our guide company – Bhutan Pelyab Tours And Treks. They were very friendly and very co-operative. Fast reply and provided helpful information about the tour on emails before we go. The Itinerary was flexible and perfect. Our tour guide Tenzin provided a lovely warm service of our trip. He is so friendly and accommodating to all of our needs and interests. If not because of his help on the hiking, I think I wouldn’t made it to tiger nest. My boyfriend likes him a lot.

During the trip, the owner – Mr. Ugyen of this company came to accompany us for the last 2 days. He arranged a private culture dance show for us in the hotel, explaining to us about their culture, and be our photographer.

Bhutan Pelyab Tours And Treks were absolutely amazing. They made our trip enjoyable by taking good care of. It was a very enjoyable and lovely experience! We would definitely recommend to experience Bhutan with Bhutan Pelyab Tours!"

Ms. Angela (Hong Kong), March, 2018
Ms. Yo Chien (Taiwan)
"一個非常好的旅行公司,我們在不丹有了很好的回憶~ The perfect travel company, we have wonderful memories in Bhutan."
Ms. Yo Chien (Taiwan), January, 2018
Mr. Vladimir and Mrs. Tina (Canada)
"When we were planning our trip to Bhutan, we thought it would be just another Asian country similar to the ones we visited. But Bhutan was beyond our expectations. We were amazed by the country’s picturesque landscapes and stunning temples, and it was very interesting to get a glimpse of the life of the Bhutanese as we explored the country. We were very lucky that we booked our BHUTAN THE THUNDER DRAGON. Tour (6 days, 5 nights) with BHUTAN PELYAB TOURS AND TREKS. We received first-class service. Our guide Thinley and driver Tsheten spoke good English and we received full information on all our questions on history, culture, economy and agriculture of Bhutan. At first, we had concerns about food, because the national dishes in Bhutan are very spicy. Fortunately, our guides arranged meals for us that we are accustomed to. The tour schedule was flexible and the travel company easily adapted to our wishes. Our farewell dinner with the director of the company, Ugyen Wangdi, was quite memorable. It was in an old farm house (more than 200 years old) and they gave us beautiful national Bhutanese clothes to change into. The costumes turned out to be for us to keep, thank you!! Everyone from the company made us feel welcome and as part of their family. We highly recommend this tour by BHUTAN PELYAB TOURS AND TREKS to anyone interested in exploring this beautiful country."
Mr. Vladimir and Mrs. Tina (Canada), October, 2017
Mr Giantpannda (USA)
"I and my family just have spent 7 days in Bhutan (from June 2 to Jun 8, 2017). We were happy with Bhutan Pelyab Tours. They were very professional, our guide was very knowledgeable and take great care of us very well and our driver was a skilful driver. Our accommodation was excellent and the food was wonderful. Bhutan is an amazing country and we loved every minute of it. Thank you very much Bhutan Pelyab Tour made our trip memorable. We will visit Bhutan again."
Mr Giantpannda (USA), August, 2017
Mr David Anderson (USA)
"My wife and I decided to visit Bhutan in May through the recommendation of our friend who visited Bhutan with Bhutan Pelyab Tours in November 2016. We did the 10 days in Bhutan, the land of happiness, visit Paro, Thimphu, Gangtey and Punakha. The sceneries are really breathtaking. It was the most memorable trip I’ve ever had. Our tour guide Sonam is a best guide, he was very pleasant, responsible and knowledgeable on history and culture of Bhutan. Our driver, Kinley was highly skilled in his driving and careful. They made our trip filled with laughter. Thank you Sonam and Kinley so much. And also want to thank Mr Ugyen and his staff for all the pre-trip arrangements. We loved Bhutan and will come back soon. Highly recommend Bhutan Pelyab Tours to anyone planning a trip to Bhutan."
Mr David Anderson (USA), June, 2017
Ms. Trang (Vietnam)
"Bhutan really is a different and special place to travel. I had opportunity to challenge myself when hiked to Tiger’s nest, an old monastery, hangs on a cliff and stands above a beautiful forest of blue pine at 900 meters of Paro valley and an altitude of 3000 meters. I visited Punakha Dzong – it is second oldest and largest Dzong in Bhutan with majestic structure, Kyichu Lhakhang, one of the oldest temples in Bhutan and built in the 7th century and another monasteries, temples in Thimphu and Punakha. I also had chance to meet friendly local people and had lunch with them in Punakha. The tour guide was very knowledgeable about culture and history of Bhutan. The driver drove carefully. Bhutan Pelyab Tours tailored my trip was wonderful trip. Thanks Mr Ugyen and his staff a lot."
Ms. Trang (Vietnam), November, 2015
Ms. Wong (Hongkong)
"With 5 of my good friends, we travelled to Bhutan for a 10 days holiday and booked our trip through Bhutan Pelyab Tour And Treks. Our amazing Bhutan experiences started right away when we arriving the airport. We received a hearty welcome greeting from the boss Ugyen, the Tour Guide Sonam and the driver Wang, with a Red Scarf (Tashikhather) on each of us.

Bhutan is “The Happiest Country in the World”. We witness this statement during our whole journey. Apart from that, Bhutanese are all honest, friendly and devoted. Our Tour Guide and Driver took great care of us, not only by sharing all the interesting Bhutanese culture and stories with us, and also help us always with our bags and carry extra water for us during the hiking. We never stop to laugh when we start our trip in the morning until the drop off in the evening. Besides, since we didn’t get use of the spicy Bhutanese food in every meal, Ugyen help to arrange in each restaurant either some salad or boiled vegetable especially for us. We really appreciated his attentiveness and his service quality. Our tour operator Ugyen was the key to Bhutan, we highly recommend him and his company to any of you who want to explore Bhutan in depth!!!"

Ms. Wong (Hongkong), June, 2015
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