Druk Path Trek – 11 days/ 10 nights

Trekking in Bhutan is your chance to discover the country in a different way and to challenge yourself with off-the-beaten-track hikes. Gifted with the massive Himalayan mountain ranges, lush forests, and picturesque natural scenery, Bhutan is every trekker’s dream. Bhutan puts high priority in protecting their nature, with 5 national parks, 4 wildlife sanctuaries, and […]

Jambay Lhakhang Drup Festival Tour Oct 2021 – 12 days/ 11 nights

Bhutan, a small country between India and China, is recognized as the last remaining Himalayan Buddhist kingdom. The country’s iconic dzongs, temples and monasteries, with the traditional architecture, are synonymous with its Buddhist heritage. Perching on high mountain cliffs and overlooking the stunning landscape, these religious sites are the place of daily worship and also […]

Punakha Festival Tour Feb 2021 – 8 days/ 7 nights

Bhutan has many indigenous celebrations and the most important ones are the Tshechu festivals. Tshechu means “the tenth day” of the lunar calendar corresponding to the birthday of Guru Rinpoche (Guru Padmasambhava), the patron saint of Bhutan. Yet the exact month of celebration can vary depending on each temple or place. During these grand ceremonies, […]

Thimphu Festival Tour Sep 2021 – 8 days/ 7 nights

Bhutanese embrace the Buddhist culture very close to their heart, and this is shown in their daily life. From the majestic dzongs, temples, and monasteries, to the beautiful works of arts, the worship of Buddhism is always presented. And for the locals, one of the most important Buddhist ceremonies is the Bhutan festivals, ‘Tshechu’. These […]

Paro Festival Tour Mar 2021 – 8 days/ 7 nights

Bhutan festivals (Tshechus), which have been celebrated for hundreds of years, are very important in their culture. The festivals are held to honour Guru Rinpoche, who introduced Buddhism to the Bhutanese. In Tshechus, there will be mask dance and other types of entertainment, keeping the atmosphere exciting. The mask dance performances are remarkable with the […]

Bhutan The Peace Land Tour- 9 days/ 8 nights

Bhutan is no ordinary destination. The mystic country is renowned for its untouched nature and rich Buddhist culture. What makes it even more fascinating is the blending of Buddhism in the daily life of a Himalayan kingdom and the peaceful pace of living in a world that is rapidly changing. A Bhutan culture tour will […]

Central Eastern Bhutan Tour – 15 days/ 14 nights

Bhutan – the gem of the Himalaya, where the traditional Buddhist culture and Himalayan heritage are embraced in the life of the warmest people. Hiding between clouds and giant mountain chains, the country is known for its unrivaled landscape, diverse eco system and rich traditional Buddhist culture. As you travel, you will see more of […]

Bhutan Above The Clouds Tour- 11 days/ 10 nights

A Buddhist Himalayan kingdom – only the name already shows how unique Bhutan’s culture and heritage is. Sandwiched between China and India, this small country has become one of the most attractive destinations for travelers. Bhutan culture tours are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about the country’s distinctive heritage and scenic landscape. Set within one […]

The Last Shangri La Tour – 7 days/ 6 nights

Bhutan or ‘The Last Shangri La’ is the great Himalayan kingdom, hidden between mountain ranges, and shrouded by mystery and magic. The country is known for its unrivaled natural landscape and rich traditional Buddhist culture. Where you can find the most stunning landscape and the cleanest fresh air, you can also see Bhutanese practicing Buddhism […]

Glimpse of Bhutan Tour 5 days/ 4 nights

Bhutan is an unforgettable destination for those who have the chance to visit it. The country has such a rich culture, which presents a great combination of Buddhism, and the Himalayan heritage. They embrace their culture and traditions in the everyday life, from arts, rituals to their national clothes. Bhutanese culture is one of the […]