Tour duration - 7 days/ 6 nights.

Tour destination - Thimphu, Punakha, and Paro.

Bhutan wedding tour is designed with a very special purpose – organizing your wedding and letting you and your spouse discover the hidden beauty of Bhutan all in one trip. Both of you will visit landmarks that are connected with important events in the history of the kingdom. Travel through the picturesque valleys of Thimphu, Punakha and Paro – the three most iconic destinations that will tell you about the culture and many other aspects in the life of the Bhutanese. Together, you will conquer the hikes on the great mountains of Bhutan, and create unforgettable memories. Your wedding will be held in Paro following sacred Buddhist wedding traditions and both of you will receive blessings for a happy and long life. This will be a journey that you will remember for the years to come with your loved one!

  • Please note that this wedding blessing ceremony is not legally recognized outside of Bhutan and the Bhutanese government do not provide a marriage certificate afterward.
Day 01: Arrival in Paro and travel to Thimphu
  • Altitude in Thimphu: 2,320m
  • Distance: 55km
  • Estimated travel time: 1.30hr

Welcome to Bhutan and let’s begin your once-in-a-lifetime adventure in this magical land!

You will arrive at Paro International Airport (2,280m). The first glimpse of Bhutan that you and your partner will see from the airplane window is the tranquil yet breathtaking view of the snowcapped Himalayan mountains. On good days, the white snow blanket glisters under the sunlight, making it a sight to behold for lucky travelers!

As soon as you walk out of the Arrival Gate, our representative will be waiting for the two of you at the airport. The real journey marking your unique wedding tour will start in Thimphu – Bhutan’s charming capital.

On the way from Paro to Thimphu, we will follow Pachu River to the river confluence at Chuzum. You will see small villages here and there along the way. Before reaching our destination, we will break the drive with a stop at Tachogang Lhakhang (Temple of The Excellent Horse). This quaint temple is one of the finest works of Thangtong Gyalpo (1385-1464), a great figure in Bhutanese culture. He is known as a mental emanation of Guru Padmasambhva, a master of the highest Vajrayana teachings, and had unparalleled skills as an architect, artist, writer of Ihamo (Tibetan operas), and many more.

The first site we will visit in Thimphu is a very important landmark – the National Memorial Chorten. Bhutan’s Third King, His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuk built the Chorten to pray for world peace and prosperity. The iconic Tibetan-style building later became a memorial to the Third King after he passed away. Many Buddhist paintings and statues are placed inside the Chorten and also 5 red prayer wheels, which people will walk around, turn them and pray.

Late in the afternoon, you and your partner can explore the vibrant streets of Thimphu together. Walking between shops and bazaars, cafes, restaurants, and bars, you will see the livelier side of Thimphu, besides its historic landmarks. And you may find items that you would like to keep as a souvenir from this memorable trip with your loved one.

We will also visit the oldest bookstore in the country – the DSB bookstore. It is the place to go to when people wish to find a wide range of books on Bhutan, Buddhism, Himalayan Studies Nature, and more.

You and your partner will spend the first night of this romantic and exciting trip at a nice hotel in Thimphu.

Day 02: Thimphu sightseeing, Excursion of Thimphu Valley, a city of Combination of the Ancient and Modern

After breakfast, we will hike to Cheri Goemba – the first monastery of Bhutan (2,800m), established in 1620. The ancient site was founded by Ngawang Namgyal, the founder of the Bhutanese state. We will ascend about 400m and be able to reach the site after 1 hour of hiking. The hike will lead you through a forest of blue pine, fir, and rhododendron trees. The lush forest is a pleasant sight to the eye, and hiking side by side with your partner will make this experience even more enjoyable. Also, you two will possibly catch sight of Gorals (wild goats) wandering around the nearby cliffs.

Later, we will head to the General Post Office. This is certainly a place that you will find very interesting as a couple. The General Post office is where you can make your own stamp. Take the best photo of you and your partner and then you surprise everyone back home when they receive these one-of-a-kind stamps with the postcards. This will probably be one of the best ways to keep your memories in Bhutan.

After that, we can travel to Buddha Point (Buddha Dordenma Statue). It is an outstanding statue that stands at 51.5m tall, atop a hill above the valley. Hand in hand, you can admire the quaint Thimphu valley hand from here. This remarkable site is said to fulfill an old prophecy from the 8th century and that it emanates an aura of peace of prosperity to the world. Inside it hides 125,000 smaller Buddha statues, all cast in bronze and gilded.

The last destination will be Tashichho Dzong (Fortress of The Glorious Religion). The dzong was first constructed in 1216 A.D by Lama Gyalwa Lhanangpa. It had gone through expansion and reconstruction and completely renovated by King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck after he repositioned the capital to Thimphu. The imposing Dzong is located close to Thimphu town, next to the banks of Wang Chhu River. Make sure you will not miss the captivating scene of flag changing at 5 pm. The ceremony begins in the courtyard and ends outside in front of the dzong.

You and your partner will enjoy another comfortable night in Thimphu.

Day 03: Thimphu to Punakha
  • Altitude in Punakha: 1,300m
  • Distance: 75km
  • Estimated travel time: 3hrs

Today we will drive to Punakha, the old capital of Bhutan. En route, we will make a stop at Dochula Pass (3,050m) for the striking view of the Himalayas. It is not just any views, you and your partner can have a panoramic view from this point. Because of its breathtaking scene from the top of the mountain, the pass becomes popular with travelers to Bhutan. Make sure you take many photos with your loved one at the Dochula Pass to celebrate this holiday.

Punakha Dzong, or ‘Place of Great Happiness’ is one of the most iconic landmarks in the town, thus we will come here first. Believed as one of the most marvelous dzongs in the country, this building has witnessed some of the most important moments in the history of Bhutan. Not only that, Punakha Dzong is erected at the confluence of 2 major rivers, the Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu, and you and your partner will be rewarded with a magnificent natural view when exploring the dzong.

Walk for a short distance from Punakha Dzong and we will get to Pho Chhu Suspension Bridge. From this location, we can enjoy the spectacular sight of both Punakha Dzong and Pho Chhu Valley. With a record of 160m in length, this is Bhutan’s longest suspension bridge.

Later, hike and visit the beautiful Khamsum Yuelley Namgyal Chorten (1,500m), which stands proudly on a ridge above the Punakha Valley. From the suspension bridge, we will ascend 200m up the hill. This is an easy 1-hour hike that lets both of you relish in the fresh air and untouched nature along the path. Upon reaching the Chorten, we will start exploring one of Bhutan’s finest architectural examples, and also the only one of its kind in the world.

Afterward, we will return to rest at a hotel in Punakha.

Day 04: Punakha to Paro
  • Distance: 125km
  • Estimated travel time: 4hrs

From Punakha, we will come back to Paro and have an easy hike mid-way. Ascending only 20m, which takes about 30 minutes, we will cross hillock fields to visit Chimi Lhakhang (Temple of Fertility) at an altitude of 1,500m. The locals, they come here to pray for children. While it is famous for its fertility blessing, the temple also fulfills other religious needs of the Bhutanese. You can visit to observe and learn more about the local’s practice of belief. It may be an interesting experience for you and your partner.

After lunch, have some rest before we head to another great example of Bhutanese architecture – Paro Rinpung Dzong (Fortress of The Heap of Jewels). The dzong was constructed in 1644 on the foundation of a monastery erected by Guru Rinpoche. Because of its massive buttressed walls, the building is seen from any place throughout the valley.

To understand more about the kingdom of Bhutan and its society, we will visit the extensive collection of the National Museum of Bhutan (Ta-Dzong). The building has a conch-shell-like building, and it houses hundreds of diverse objects. You and your partner will find from antique thangka paintings, textiles, weapons, and armors to household items and also a rich assortment of natural and historic artifacts.

From the National Museum, we will go back to the hotel and refresh and get ready for the special event the next day.

Day 05: Paro – wedding 

Today will no doubt be one of the most special and unforgettable days for both of you.

Your wedding will be held at a Buddhist temple, thus it will be considered a traditional Buddhist wedding and follow the ritual rites of one. There are 8 ritual rites in total.

The wedding will be held in the morning. It will begin with Lhabsang when the monks recite sacred mantras before you arrive at the temple to please the local deities and ask for their blessing. When you and your partner will arrive at the temple, they will do the prostrations three times and light the butter lamps, which is an offering of light to the deities and is an excellent way to gain good merits. After the exchange of rings, the head monk will perform Tsepamey Choko – an elaborate ritual ceremony for a long and prosperous married life of the bride and groom.

Congratulations! You and your spouse are now married.

After the ceremony finishes, there will be dancers performing fold dances in traditional costumes and masks. It is time to hold your spouse’s hand and dance to celebrate this beautiful wedding with all of the guests.

In the afternoon, if you prefer, you can visit places in Paro and take photos to rejoice in this amazing day with your loved one.

Please enjoy a luxurious and romantic dinner for the new-wed couple.

After the long day, you will spend the second night in the hotel in Paro.

Day 06: Paro sightseeing

Following the wedding day, you will have some time in Paro. And there are more wonderful destinations to explore in this town!

The sacred Taktsang Monastery (or ‘Tiger’s Nest’) is one of the most worship places in the kingdom. As you visit this significant monastery, you will understand the saying “If you have never been to the Tiger Cave Temple, your trip to Bhutan is not complete”. On a pilgrimage in Bhutan, this place is a must-visit for any monks and Buddhists. That is how important it is for the Bhutanese.

Clinging to a steep cliff at more than 3,000m, the hike to the monastery will be approximately 4-5 hours. The trail is 4.5km one way and has an elevation gain of 600m. During the hike, we will have many stops so that you and your spouse can appreciate the astonishing landscape of Paro valley, from the untouched ancient forests to the great Himalayan peaks. The unparalleled natural scenes will be one of the most precious memories of you and your loved one about Bhutan. After sitting down and admire the picturesque scenery below, you two will feel energized again to finish the hike.

From Taktsang Monastery, let’s head to Kyichu Lhakhang. This is one of the most ancient temples in Bhutan, and its size is also remarkable. It is believed that in the 7th century, the Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo had built 108 temples in the Himalayas to defeat an evil demon, including Kyichu Lhakhang. Together, you and your spouse will discover the temple’s striking architect, along with the intriguing scene of pilgrims constantly shuffling around the temple and spinning its many prayer wheels.

We will have a special meal with a local family in the late afternoon. This is a very good opportunity for both of you to have a chat with the locals while tasting the authentic and delicious Bhutanese dishes. Moreover, if you are interested in cooking the traditional dishes, the host would be delighted to teach you. You and your spouse can make dishes such as Jasha Maroo (spicy chicken), Phaksha Paa (pork with red chilies), or Momos (dumpling) together when you are back at home. Imagine a lovely dinner at home with your wife/husband to recall the beautiful time you spent in Bhutan, with the most memorable wedding ceremony!

In the evening, you can experience the nightlife of Paro as they have some quite interesting and nice restaurants, coffee shops and bars. This is simply the best way to mark the end of this wonderful holiday and the beginning of a happy and incredible life as a married couple ahead.

You will stay the last night at your hotel in Paro.

Day 07: Depart Paro

After a good breakfast at the hotel, your guide will accompany you to the airport for a flight to your onward destination.

Tashi Delek (goodbye and good luck). Thank you for this amazing wedding journey in Bhutan and we wish you a happy married life ahead. And we hope to welcome you to Bhutan again!


To get the price for your tour, please contact us any time by email us at or phone us at

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A Bhutan visa fee. Laundry/beverages/ telephone calls and any personal expenses.
3-star hotels with twin sharing rooms, double sharing rooms, or single rooms. Travel insurance.
Accommodation in the best 3-star hotels in Bhutan. Airfares.
Three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) in a day. Airport taxes if any.
Bottled water, tea, and coffee on the trip. Excess baggage charge.
A sustainable development fee of $65 per night. Tips to guides and drivers.
Museum fees and other special entry fees. Makeup artist.
A private car with an experienced driver during the trip. Services not mentioned.
Sightseeing as per itinerary with a qualified and licensed English-speaking guide.
Gho and Kira (traditional and national dress of Bhutan) for your use during your stay in Bhutan.
Gho and Kira for bride and groom.
Traditional Bhutan boot for groom.
Wedding photographer on the wedding day.
Bhutanese sim card.

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