Bhutan is best known as the hotspot for adventurers and nature-lovers with its beautiful landscape and diverse wildlife. And people also flock here in curiosity of the Bhutanese life on the Himalayas mountains. If you have spent the day on a Bhutan trek or discovering the stunning landmarks of the country, the nightlife here is also an experience that you would not want to miss. After a busy day of travelling, good food and good music are the best way to relax your mind and lift up your mood for the next day. Make sure to have a taste of the cocktails with wine and beer made from local ingredients at these nightclubs.

Here is our guide to some of the best clubs in Thimphu to make your time on our Bhutan tours even better:

  • 1. Space 34

    Located in the heart of Thimphu, this club has opened for 10 years and become favourite spot for nighttime revelers and partygoers of all age groups. Guests who are up for great food and drink, and cool vibe of live band performance can find them all at the Space 34. The club has a live music bar (The Divine Madman’s Corner), a smoking bar area (Ice & Smokes), and a dance floor (Illuminati) for guests to wrap up their night. Throughout the evening, popular pop and EDM beast of American, Korean, Bhutanese will be played by the locals DJs. The Space 34 lounge is the perfect place to sit back, enjoy the music and socialize in a cozy atmosphere.

    The club has flexible timings and free entry for ladies on Wednesdays. It stays open till 12 midnight on Wednesdays, for weekends (Fridays & Saturdays), the door is open till 1am. The entry fee is usually Nu.350 per person, and on special occasions it might go up to Nu.500.

    Venue: Changlam, main Thimphu town

  • 2. Viva City

    If you are feeling of spending the night dancing under neon lights to reggae, rap, rock, hip-hop, Viva City is the place for you. This is where young rebels, rockers and ravers go for a fun night in the town, and is located just above the city bus and taxi parking area of Thimphu. Tasty food, music and dance can all be found here, in the most popular club asides from Space 34. You can also chill on the lounge at the open air area, when enjoying food and drinks and great music from local bands and artists. The open air area looks stunning at night under the bright and colorful lights.

    The club is open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Ladies will get free entry on Wednesdays so make sure to grab the chance. The entry fee is also Nu.350 for individuals on other days.

    Venue: Sheten Lam

  • 3. Mojo Park

    Mojo Park is a cool live music venue in the centre of Thimphu, right on the Chang Lam Road, opened back in 2011. Music will start from around 7pm to till late into the night. All genres of music will be performed by local bands and also bands from other regions on every weekend and during weekdays. Music lovers head to this place also for its laidback setting, and it has become super popular with locals and expatriates alike. To make it even better for a night out, guests can find here delicious American and Bhutanese cuisine, along with local creations of drinks. They serve local whiskey, such as K5 or Misty Peak, and Bhutanese beer called Drunk 11000 or Druk Lager.

    Mojo Park has a music programme through the whole week. On Mondays, they have Monday Night Blues Jam. On Wednesdays, it is Acoustic Acts and then Solo Acts on Thursdays. Weekend Band Act is played on Fridays and Saturdays. Low Profile Sunday, Originals is performed on Sundays. They will also let you to jam with the local band in Mojo. It is the perfect platform for music lovers in Thimphu.

    The club opens from 9pm if there is a special band or musician coming on occasions. Paintings of popular musicians, artists and personalities are also sold at Mojo. You can find out more about special shows on Mojo Park’s Facebook page.

    Venue: Yangchenma Building, Changlam, Thimphu, Bhutan

  • 4. Jimmy’s Pub

    Jimmy’s Pub takes up on a mixed concept of a simple yet exotic and classic interior and an intriguing trendy and modern pub. The pub has live music performance delivered to guests in the best quality. The classic interior design leaves impression with striking balance of light, natural colours, powerful multimedia and sound system, a serene garden set up with a smoking zone. Moreover, guests can find interesting antiques on display and a unique multi bar set up with special offerings inside Jimmy’s Pub.

    Venue: Gongdzin Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

  • 5. Club Ace

    If you are looking for a club with cool vibes but not many tourists, Club Ace is the place for you. The club Is pumped with electronic music and young locals. The atmosphere is heated up with passionate crowds of young dancers showing off their awesome moves on the mirror dancing floor. Their energy and the electronic music, together with great lighting will keep guests excited all night. It is one of the best places for nightlife in Paro Bhutan to meet up with young locals and have a chat with them.

    Venue: Phendey Lam

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