“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts”, this is how Rachel Carson believes in the good of being one with nature and away from the havoc of daily life. Mountain bike pioneer Brett Tippie is the outstanding example of this amazing way of living.

Bhutan’s landscape offers ideal conditions for on-road and off-road biking through steep hill climbs, high passes and lower valley. Mountain cycling in Bhutan is seeing an increase in its popular among visitors. The rewarding sights along the roads will leave you amazed. Cycling is a unique and more intimate way to interact with the environment, which is said to be seldom experienced by using vehicles.

Mountain biking tours in Bhutan use mostly well-paved roads, and some can be occasional trails or dirt farm access roads, each of them brings to you a different experience. If you want to step up the game, you can opt for more challenging climb. There is one particular trail which is more than seven hours, and you have to peddle the pads over two miles (3,400 meters) above sea level. The exciting experience of mountain biking will reward you with spectacular views.

Because some of the trails can be more challenging, riders are required to have skills in mountain biking and an adequate level of health and stamina.  However, we also provide a support vehicle with mechanic for each small mountain biking group, so that riders can take a break from the climb when they need to. This way, we can ensure your safety and that you are able to recover on the road for the best experience.

As mentioned above, most of the biking trails go through small villages and towns in rural areas, with the peaceful landscape spreads out before your eyes. It will be just you, your guide and other companions on the roads, indulge in the beauty of Bhutan nature. Surrounding by the rich and unspoiled environment, you can relax your mind and have the opportunities for self-reflection. Even more than that, doing mountain biking in Bhutan is a great chance to connect with the locals. You may get to know them better than just listening to a brief introduction and quick visit.

It is possible that you bring your own bike, or we can provide for you based on your request. Bhutan’s roads & trails accommodate most types of frame styles: from MTB, Hybrid, and Road, depending on your cycling style and experience. The traffic is relatively light, and the experience is very liberating and pleasing. 

Our mountain cycling tours in Bhutan are categorized into two types: one mainly along the tarmac road which is very moderate in terms of difficulty and are recommended for those who wish to catch glimpse of the flora & fauna along the road. The other is done in the mountainous and rough terrains as high as 4000 meters above sea level, single tracks and rock gardens which are graded as difficult and in some places extremely difficult. The latter package is suitable for professional riders and for those who seek challenges and adventure. Our guides are biking enthusiasts themselves with full knowledge of the tracks and trails in Bhutan, and they are great companions during your trip.

We are pleased to provide you a unique experience of mountain biking in Bhutan, where you truly be one with the nature and see the wildlife at its best on the Himalayas. So leave your gadget at home on your next ride, and remember it is all about living the present, here and now. Just roll with it, go with the flow, let loose of your worry and enjoy the beauty of the ride!

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