Do you want to know how to say hello in Bhutanese language and meaning of some special words in Bhutan? Read the glossaries below to know it.         

AnimBuddhist nun.
Ashititle for a queen and princess.
Aumterm used for addressing a married woman.
Chhu/Churiver, water
Chorten/StupaBuddhist monument of stone.
Dashotitle for men of the royal family or a vice minister and all the high ranking officials, indicated by the wearing of red scarf and a sword.
Druk Gyalpomeans Dragon King
Druk Yulthe Land of the Dragon.
Dzongfortress, monastery, administrative centre.
Dzongkhanational language of Bhutan
Gelontitle for monks
Ghotraditional dress for men.
Gyalseymeans prince.
Gyaltsuenmeans Dragon Queen
Hemadatsitraditional dish of Bhutan: chillies cooked with cheese, sometimes cooked with potatoes or vegetables.
Je KhenpoChief Abbot
Kabneyscarf for men, wrapped in a complicated matter around the upper body and shoulders.
Kadrinchethank you
Kira traditionaldress for woman.
Komadecorated clips used to hold women’s dress together at the shoulders.
Kuzu Zangpohello
Lamountain pass
Lopontitle for any person who has received a traditional education, specially learned monks.
Lyonpotitle for minister, wears an orange scarf and a sword.
Mandalareligious drawing
Tashi delekGood bye and good luck
Tsachuhot springs
Thangkareligious painting
Tulkutitle of reincarnated high lamas.
Thongdrolhuge thangka unfurled on special occasions.
Zam/ zampabrigde
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