If you have found that special person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you want to make it special, let Bhutan Pelyab Tours be your wedding planner.

Bhutan has long been known as the heartland of the Buddhist Himalayas and intrigued visitors with its unspoiled nature and welcoming people. With a Bhutan wedding tour, your special event will take place at a temple, a farmhouse, or a picturesque resort in the beautiful and mystery kingdom of Bhutan, depends on your preference. For a traditional Bhutanese wedding at the temple or the farmhouse, the monks will perform a range of rituals and religious rites to bless the couple and celebrate their happiest day. Resorts in Bhutan are famous for their surrounding breath-taking landscape and will be a great location for a Western style wedding especially.

A Buddhist wedding in Bhutan, which will take place at a sacred ancient temple, will see the participation of Budhdist monks and lamas. They will perform a number of religious rites to represent the importance of the bond between a husband and wife. Before the wedding, a lama astrologer will see to it when the good time for the ceremony is, in either the case it is held at a temple or a farmhouse. There will be 8 different rituals held at the temple during the wedding.

The wedding will begin with Lhabsang, when the monks recite sacred mantras before the couple arrive at the temple. This ritual is to please the local deities, so that they will give their blessing of good health and wealth to the bride and groom. During this ceremony, the monks will also light fumigation outside the temple, and then add in herbs to please the deities’ sense of smell and fulfil their hunger.

Once the couple are in the temple, they will do the prostrations three times and then light the butter lamps. The lightning holds the meaning as an offering of light to the deities and is an excellent way to gain good merits.

A rite of purification and cleansing called Thrisor will be performed on arrival at the temple, with the purpose of clearing all our sins.

The Changphoed is the offering of Ara, the local brew to the deities. Following the offering, the Ara will be served in a phoob – a traditional wooden bowl and shared by the wedding couple. This ritual is to present the eternal bond that the bride and groom will share for the rest of their lives.

Next is the exchange of rings to forever bind the bride and groom for a lifelong of love and friendship.

Tsepamey Choko, is an elaborate ritual ceremony for a long and prosperous married life of the bride and groom, and it is performed by the head monk. The ritual is to pacify the God of longevity Tsepamey.

Following Tsepamey Choko, Zhugdrel Phuensum Tshogpa is a ceremony of sharing food items with special prayers. This ritual is dedicated to the Unifier of Bhutan, Zhabdrung Nawang Namgyel. It origins from the meal hosted by Zhabdrung, where he instructed people to seat in a row and served food items, while special prayers dedicated to his spiritual lineage were being recited. So during this ritual, food and drinks are to be served, and the offerings will be for the deities to ask for their blessing. Oranges are the first food served to people as it is attractive, tasty, and its inside is intact, representing the couple’s close bond that will remain protected, and will bless them a life of grace, glory, and wealth. In some cases, bananas can be used instead. Because the food for the ceremony are considered auspicious, there should be no refusal. Also, interrupting the Zhugdrel, looking sideways, cracking jokes and laughing are improper acts.

With the presentation of Dhar Naynga, the symbolic five coloured scarves, it signs the end of the wedding ceremony. The offering of the scarves is to wish the bride and groom a long and prosperous life.

If a Bhutanese wedding takes place at a farmhouse, there will be lama, monks, and the locals coming to join the ceremony. The lama and the monks will perform the rituals to give blessings to the bride and groom, and after that food will be served, and people can enjoy the wedding with dancing, singing, or playing some sports like archery and darts.

Before the wedding, the bride and groom will change into the traditional Gho/Kira and boots. At the beginning of the ceremony, the locals will perform a welcome dance for the couple around the bonfire, and a feast will be served to the at the same time. The High Lama will be at one side and led the chanting. The monks will start to the chanting, singing, drumming and playing the traditional horns. Following the rituals, there will be activities like the darts and archery matches and cultural programme with singing and dancing like mentioned above. In total, the ceremony may take about 3 hours, with the witness of the local people.

A Bhutan wedding is not only the opportunity to celebrate your most important day with your loved one, but it is also the chance for you to see more of Bhutan, a kingdom of beautiful nature and the warmest people. For your Bhutan tour plan, you can choose to do different activities like hiking in Bhutan or take cultural tour to discover the hidden gem of the Himalayas. Combining your wedding and enjoying the honeymoon with your partner, friends and families to create a memory of a lifetime.

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