Do remember to take off your hat and sunglasses while entering temples, monasteries, dzongs, and chortens or when you crossing a bridge.

Do check with your guide to see if you need to take off your shoes while entering temples, monasteries, dzong and chortens.

Do remember to keep your cellphone on silent and avoid speaking loudly while entering temples, monasteries, dzongs and chortens.

Do remember to walk in a clockwise direction around holy places (temples, chortens, stupas, mani walls).


Do not wear shorts when you visiting religious sites such as temples, monasteries, dzongs and chortens or you are in public buildings. This could be seen as disrespect.

Do not take any photos inside temples, monasteries, dzongs and chortens.

Do not touch robe of monks, any paintings, murals and any other ritual objects.

Do not smoke in public places. Look for the designated smoking areas.

Do not throw garbage anywhere except designated places.

Do not throw anything into lakes, swim and disturb the waters because almost lakes are considered holy with deities living in their depths.

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