Why travelers are required to get their tour packages before coming to Bhutan

Anyone who knows anything about Bhutan knows for a fact that unlike in most other countries, independent travelling is not permitted and that the first step towards planning your trip to Bhutan is to buy your tour package through one of the local tour operators which is registered under the TCB (Tourism Council of Bhutan), […]

Bumdra Trek 1 night 2 days

With our variety of Bhutan trekking packages, you will find something suitable for you to discover this beautiful country in unique ways. In case you want to do a short trek to reach. Bumdra trek would be ideal for you. The trip takes only 1 night and 2days, but you will still see some of […]

Refresh the mind, body, and soul with a Bhutan Trekking Tour

“With spring arriving, it is time to discover the hidden beauty of nature in a refreshing and energizing atmosphere that promises to infuse fresh air into your lungs” New year means new adventures. And if you are looking to start new year with something different, a Bhutan trekking tour is probably one of the best […]

5 things to remember when planning a trek in Bhutan

Bhutan – the kingdom in the clouds – is one of the best places on Earth for trekking. The Himalayas mountains make excellent terrain for Bhutan trekking tours. You will see the holy monasteries, massive fortresses and hike on some of the highest mountains in the world. The geography of the country creates a wide […]

Tours in Bhutan

Situated in the Eastern Himalayan mountains, the fascinating nation of Bhutan offers countless opportunities for exploration. Bhutan Pelyab Tours is ready to create the best Bhutan tour plan to fit your goals and budget. When you select one of our Bhutan travel packages, we’ll show you the all the wonderful destinations that Bhutan has to […]

Bhutan Trekking Tours

Bhutan Pelyab Tours specializes in guiding travellers over the rugged, exciting mountain terrain found in Bhutan’s Himalayan mountains. Bhutan trekking offers a unique opportunity

Nightlife In Bhutan

Bhutan is best known as the hotspot for adventurers and nature-lovers with its beautiful landscape and diverse wildlife. And people also flock here in curiosity of the Bhutanese life on the Himalayas mountains. If you have spent the day on a Bhutan trek or discovering the stunning landmarks of the country, the nightlife here is […]

Sport Events In Bhutan

Hiking in Bhutan is one of the best activities for sport-lovers with the stunning views along the trek, but it can be very challenging at the same time. But more than just trekking, you can take part in other sport events while on a tour with us. The two famous sport events that you can […]

9 Things You May Not Know About Bhutan

Lies between the highest mountain ranges of the world is Bhutan, the hidden gem of the Himalayas. The kingdom has been a hotspot for its spectacular and virgin nature, its unique culture and especially as the happiest country in the world. Yet, these are the 9 things you probably have not heard about this beautiful […]