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Questions You Might Have After Watching Yes Theory’s Video On Bhutan

Yes Theory’s visit to the kingdom may have raised some questions…  1.    Where Is Bhutan? Located within the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is bordered by India to the south and Tibet (China) to the northern side. It has several mountain passes that connect China to India. It is made up of an area of 38,394 square […]

Cleansing your soul with Bhutan Pelyab Tours

Modern Life Stress Almost every country in the world is so busy after developing themselves that they are turning a blind eye to the environmental degradation which comes along with it. Hence, along with the ever-increasing stress levels of high living standards of the modern era, we are now left to deal with the deteriorating […]

Broadening Your Outlook On Touring Bhutan

Geographic features of Bhutan  If you are reading this; it would be pretty much safe to assume that you have at least some idea about Bhutan among which its topography is bound to be one. So as you may already know, Bhutan is a country in the Himalayas. Its geographic features basically consist of high […]

Bhutan- The Next Culinary Destination

Consider Bhutan for Gastronomic Tourism With more and more people getting into video-blogging or vlogging as they call it, one of the tourism trends that is at large is Gastronomic Tourism, meaning people are travelling abroad solely for the purpose of bringing to their viewers, new food and flavors. Due to this very reason, vloggers […]

Tour Operators in Bhutan

Registered Tour Operators If you are planning your first ever trip to Bhutan, the first thing you need to take into account is the mandate the Royal Government of Bhutan places on the tourists to buy their tour package prior to even entering the kingdom. This is to keep up with its “High Value, Low […]

Top 5 Bhutan Tours

Seeing is believing.  Because of its one of a kind culture which the people still proudly follow to this day and also because of its well preserved flora and fauna which without a doubt can be ranked number one in the world: “Seeing is believing.” is the only expression one could think off in order […]

Bumdra Trek 1 night 2 days

With our variety of Bhutan trekking packages, you will find something suitable for you to discover this beautiful country in unique ways. In case you want to do a short trek to reach. Bumdra trek would be ideal for you. The trip takes only 1 night and 2days, but you will still see some of […]

Refresh the mind, body, and soul with a Bhutan Trekking Tour

“With spring arriving, it is time to discover the hidden beauty of nature in a refreshing and energizing atmosphere that promises to infuse fresh air into your lungs” New year means new adventures. And if you are looking to start new year with something different, a Bhutan trekking tour is probably one of the best […]