Bhutan Pelyab Tours specializes in guiding travellers over the rugged, exciting mountain terrain found in Bhutan’s Himalayan mountains. Bhutan trekking offers a unique opportunity to stray off the beaten path and discover all the wild magic in the pristine landscapes of the “Land of the Thunder Dragon.” Parks and nature reserves cover 51% of the total land in Bhutan, making it an ideal location for adventurers interested in an unspoiled environment. Our Bhutan tour operators guide visitors to the most breathtaking sites in the nation. When you book your Bhutan trip package, you will never forget the natural wonders you’ll discover.

Bhutan Trek Options

The magic of Bhutan’s trekking is the opportunity to cover vast expanses of beautiful mountains while occasionally encountering only small quaint villages and no bustle of big cities. For this reason, hiking through Bhutan is perhaps the most pleasurable, relaxing trekking experience in the world. The Bumthang Culture trek takes visitors through the Bhutan countryside, allowing glimpses into a rural traditional way of life still untouched by the modern world. In addition to viewing the breathtaking plant and animal life along the way, like the goat-antelope national animal of Bhutan takin, travellers also enjoy the opportunity to meet and interact with the native Bhutan people and see how they live.

Bhutan Pelyab Tours can guide visitors on a number of different treks depending on interest and experience. The easiest, shortest excursion is the 3-day Sagala trek through the lower-elevation valleys across meadows and forests. Along the way, trekkers will visit Drugyal Dzong, one of the famed monastery fortresses of Bhutan.

Snowman Trek

For a longer, more demanding journey, advanced trekkers might be interested in the Snowman Trek. Bhutan’s many attractions include its wintery mountain views in its high altitudes, reaching peaks as high as 7,000 meters (20,000 ft.). Over thirty days, participants camp and explore deep Himalayans at altitudes up to 5,000 meters. Bhutan Pelyab Tours provides the necessary equipment. This is a physically demanding journey, best suited for the most adventurous explorers. The rewards for the hard exercise is the cleanest air anywhere in the world, in the most well-preserved environment anywhere.

Trekkers return home with a renewed sense of appreciation for the rejuvenating powers of nature in the crisp mountain airs of Bhutan. Snowman Trek participants hike from Laya to the Lunana region to Gangkhar and then Bumthang. If you take the trek in October, you can expect a milder temperature without snow. Other times, the landscape tends to be covered in ice or snow.

Treks Created Just For You

Our team is available to help design your ideal Bhutan trip package. Contact us today so that we can discuss all of your desires. We want to make your Bhutan trekking journey a memorable experience that you will cherish for years to come. Trekking in Bhutan is not just another tourist – it is an adventure that can change your outlook and renew your appreciation for the great outdoors. Let the magical Himalayan mountains breathe new life into your soul!

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