Consider Bhutan for Gastronomic Tourism

With more and more people getting into video-blogging or vlogging as they call it, one of the tourism trends that is at large is Gastronomic Tourism, meaning people are travelling abroad solely for the purpose of bringing to their viewers, new food and flavors. Due to this very reason, vloggers (video bloggers) are running out of interesting places to blog about, and if you are one among such individuals who is in search of unique recipes and tastes which your audience will be fascinated to know about, you may want to consider Bhutan as the next culinary destination on your list because a search on the internet will tell you that there are not many vlogs on Bhutanese food as it does on food from other parts of the world.

What Makes Bhutanese Food Special?

  • Seasonal Ingredients

    Bhutan, unlike some other countries in Asia follows four seasons, namely spring, monsoon, autumn and winter. This gives seasonality to the ingredients that goes into cooking, meaning certain menus will only be available during certain seasons which makes Bhutanese dishes all the more exclusive for foodies or anyone else for that matter  to miss out on.

  • The art of naturally preserving food

    In order to tackle the seasonality of ingredients as previously mentioned, the people of Bhutan have long practiced the art of preserving food items by means of sun-drying, pickling or immersion-oil frying. That way, if your purpose behind visiting Bhutan is to try its delicacies; you can be assured that you will not be missing out on anything. Also, the preservation processes are carried out in the most natural way possible with no preservatives whatsoever making them healthy for consumption.

  • Unique Flavors

    The fact that naturally preserved ingredients goes into Bhutanese cooking should pretty much give you a good idea about the unimaginable combination of flavors in Bhutanese dishes which one could be safe to assume are out of this world. This makes Bhutanese food a once in a life must try for both food fanatics and others alike.

  • The Use of Less Condiments

    Bhutan is perhaps the only country in the world which uses little condiments in terms of cooking. Apart from spices like garlic, ginger and chilies; and seasoning like salt; Bhutanese cooking in its authentic form uses no other grounded spices, fermented sauces or taste enhancers. Nevertheless, Bhutanese food is never bland and is full of flavors which only prove how skilled Bhutanese people are when it comes to playing with flavors.

  • Use of Chilies

    One of the trends on YouTube these days is people trying to eat some of the spiciest food on the face of this earth. If that is the thing you are into, there is no better place for you to be other than Bhutan. Why? Bhutanese people in general are extreme lovers of hot and spicy food.

    The amount of chilies that goes into Bhutanese cooking regardless of the dishes is sure to astound you. On the other hand, if you are still skeptical about it; a simple search on the national dish of Bhutan which goes by the name “Ema-datshi” and literally translates to “Chilies and Cheese” will prove you otherwise.

  • Organically Grown Products

    Due to the mandate The Royal Government of Bhutan have in place for keeping 70% of its land area under forest cover for all times to come; the people of Bhutan do not carry out extensive agriculture. Along these lines, most of the fruits and vegetables come from kitchen gardens which exclude the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Hence, you will be experiencing the goodness of nature with every bite of Bhutanese food that you dig into.

  • Taste of Nature in Its Pure Form

    Bhutan Government’s mandate on forest cover as cited above has led to Bhutan being the first and only Carbon negative country in the world. Therefore, there is no better way for anyone to experience the true taste of Mother Nature in its pure form other than coming to Bhutan and trying the delicacies it has to offer.

Bottom Line

Bhutan receives guests from all the corners of the world who come in to cover stories on different aspects, such as nature, culture, religion, architecture, history, etc. But very few have been here to do a cover specifically on food. Thus, for you food-bloggers out there in search of a new food trail, this is the opportunity to go down in history as some of the first bloggers of Bhutanese food which is not just unique but also filled with the goodness of pristine Mother Nature. All you need to do is sign up with Bhutan Pelyab Tours- one of the most reliable tour operators in Bhutan, and we will tailor a custom tour do get you all the coverage you need.

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